Adding your thoughts to improve the collaborative MOOC experience

Feel free to add your MOOC ideas and thoughts to this MOOC Guide in order to move forward collaboratively and come to a joint guide.

How can you add your ideas and thoughts? Request to become a member of this wiki and as soon as you are a member, you will have editing rights. Once you get these editing rights, you go to the page where you want to add something. On each page you will see an 'edit' button on the right. Simply click on that button and you can start editing a page.

Acknowledgement and gratitude

I wish to thank all the MobiMOOC2011 participants and facilitators for allowing me to jointly explore and learn from this educational adventure and start writing this MOOC guide. Thanks to all of the MobiMOOC participants, this guide could be initially written.I hope all of us MOOC'rs will enhance the guide collaboratively and make it into a useful MOOC instrument.

Hope to see you all in the eduMOOC, Change MOOC or other MOOC's!