This page is to capture strategies for the first week of MOOC. The first week is a very busy week, as this is when most of the potential participants (PPs) hit the site and try to find their way around the MOOC. It is also a time when novice participations (NPs) look around and start to comment on MOOCs in general and the specifics of the given MOOC.

Strategy 1: Make the first week "About the MOOC"
Rather than delving directly into the MOOC topic, spend the first week educating people about what MOOCs are all about, and strategies for participation. This will allow those familiar with MOOCs to reconnect and share their expertise, while those who are new can get grounded. Help people figure out if they are going to be Bloggers or Tweeters or Wiki-editors or <insert your favourite social media here>. Give new people a sense of "how" they can participate, and in doing so, allow them a chance to start the process of filtering and making connections.
If you use this, please let Rebecca know.

Strategy 2: Touch groups
I explain this on my blog post here. The idea is that people would volunteer to be put in random groups and to "follow" the people in their group for the first few weeks. Perhaps even comment on posts from people in the group. This idea facilitates connections. You don't want it to live too long for a couple of reasons: people wouldn't sign up to too much commitment, and this is a scaffold for new MOOCers, so you want to remove the scaffold at some point to allow them to become independent networkers.
If you use this, please let Rebecca know.

Strategy 3: Define participation levels
This is something that Ignatia did in MobiMOOC and it certainly worked for me. By defining what it meant to be a "memorably active" participant I was given a target to reach towards. Had she not made that an explicit category, it would never have occurred to me to make the effort to post every week. I think there is power is defining expectations (or targets) and allowing participants achieve them :).